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Ballet Series LED Downlight — Elegant “Princess”is Waiting for You!

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With more and more attention paid to energy conversation and emission reduction in the world, the LED lighting has rapidly become the most popular products in lighting industry. However, things go athwart that product homogeneity is serious, making it tough to choose the best among thousands of brands for people.


The same is true of LED downlights. Regarding the product performance, they are all of the same in the existing market, and businesses are only increasing their competitiveness by constantly lowering prices rather than improving quality, causing industry confusion to some extent.


WELLMAX, as a leading LED brand, is committed to promoting the development of the whole lighting industry. With the vision, we have developed a unique LED downlights —Ballet Series LED Downlight, which has gained great popularity with the following aspects.


● Dressed in ballet skirt to strengthen identity for your brand. 

● Exclusive backlit LED technology and HD PC cover ensure high light luminous efficacy and uniform light distribution.

● SAMSUNG LED inside ensures first-class quality.

● Integrated structure to reduce logistic cost and installation efforts.


The product brings great benefits for you.


Contact us to order now via: info@wellmaxgroup.com
Ballet Series LED Downlight

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