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International SSL Alliance (ISA) and LED Bulb Expert WELLMAX Shares Insights into Industry Development

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The International SSL Alliance (ISA) is a famous international and non-profit organization, which aims to promote the sustainable development and application of Solid State Lighting (SSL) worldwide. The organization has more than 4,000 members, almost are major players of the global SSL community, representing 70% of the output of the global SSL industry.
Recently, in response to the green lighting initiative of “One Belt and One Road”, and in order to intensify global cooperation to accelerate the development of lighting industry, the ISA secretariat has approached some selected Chinese LED companies who are experienced in R&D and global marketing.
ISA and LED Bulb Expert WELLMAX

WELLMAX’s CEO welcomes ISA team

On August 6th, the ISA secretariat visited the LED Bulb Expert WELLMAX’s Shanghai head office. The visiting team was consisted of the Secretary-General, Ruisheng Yue and several Program Managers of ISA. Mr. Wang Yamin, CEO of WELLMAX, together with WELLMAX’s executive team welcomed them. WELLMAX also introduced its R&D laboratory, products and development strategy, explaining the company’s unique strength as the LED Bulb Expert.
ISA and LED Bulb Expert WELLMAX
ISA and LED Bulb Expert WELLMAX

Mr. Wang introduces WELLMAX’s R&D achievements to ISA team

During the meeting, the Secretary-General, Ruisheng Yue said, “We choose WELLMAX because it is a company with high efficiency, high quality and high responsibility that deserve to learn for the industry. We came to explore secretes behind the success and will summarize the essence of the company to better help LED entities to grow.”
The two parties had an in-depth exchange on the development of LED technology, international standards and industry trends, creating a solid foundation for future cooperation. They will join hands to promote development of the whole industry and will lead to new technologies to benefit global clients.

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