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WELLMAX Guarantees Reliability and Efficiency of “Bulbized” LED Panel Downlight

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LED products have been popularized globally in various fields along with the rapid progress of technology at each end of the industrial chain. Although being popular, there are still problems of LED products to be solved. Through hundreds of professional oversea buyers, WELLMAX learnt that the quality problem is the most important one, meeting the demand for high-end product on the market.

Shanghai WELLMAX Lighting (WELLMAX), the LED Bulb Expert, developed a unique LED downlight panel. The product has achieved great success since its debut because of its high quality and excellent performance. We had the honor to have a conversation with Guoxing Zhou, the senior Technical Consultant of WELLMAX’s QC Department, to have an in-depth understanding of how WELLMAX ensures the high performance of products.

Mr. Zhou, an engineer over 70 years old, has devoted himself to the lighting industry and the research on product quality testing since 1988, witnessing the process of China’s lighting industry from its initial shape to the formation of a relatively complete industrial chain. 12 years of working experience at Philips and 10 years of working experience at NVC Lighting have accumulated rich experience and extraordinary wisdom for him.

“Persistence because of love” is Mr. Zhou’s first words to us. Originally retired, but after receiving WELLMAX’s invitation, he resolutely continued to engage in his beloved industry at this company of the craftsman’s spirit.

Mr. Zhou introduced that the testing works of WELLMAX’s lab are strictly in the light of IEC standards, performance standards and safety standards. All products need to pass a series of in-house tests before manufacturing to ensure their safety and reliability. The tests include the Lightning Surge Test, Hi-pot Test, Light Output Test, Constant Temperature and Moisture Test and others.

WELLMAX Bulbized LED Panel Downlight

(WELLMAX’s LED Laboratory)

Talking about the performance of Sunflower series, Mr. Zhou said the Constant Temperature and Moisture Test is the most convincing experiment to verify the reliability of Sunflower. After 168 hours of testing at 85% humidity and 85℃ high temperature, Sunflower manifests excellent performance, proving its distinguished adaptability in storage, transportation and use under high and low temperature environment. And in the process of temperature measurement, they found the temperature of its cavity, chips and IC are 10℃-15℃ lower than that of LED bulb series on average, which means the lifespan of Sunflower series will be nearly doubled if the same components as the LED bulb are used.

At last, he added that Sunflower made a big breakthrough in its specification compared with the traditional lighting. For regular downlight, only when the power is above 18W, can the light efficacy achieve 70-80lm/W, but the Sunflower can reach 80lm/W for any item, which represents the luminous flux of the product is about two grades higher than that of the regular downlight in the European energy efficiency standard.

WELLMAX Bulbized LED Panel Downlight

(WELLMAX’s LED Laboratory)

Undoubtedly, WELLMAX stands on the top of the industry especially in R&D capability. Its R&D team consists of senior experts in lighting industry. Its LED lab closely works with the top companies and institutes, like SAMSUNG and the National Institute of LED on Silicon Substrate, on LED R&D, and passed varies requirements on facility, expertise and management by DEKRA and SGS. We believe, with such world-class R&D resources, WELLMAX will bring more and more innovative products that can help global clients achieve sustainable development.

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