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How Does WELLMAX Ensure the High Efficiency of Sunflower LED Panel Downlight

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Our proprietary “Bulbized” LED Panel Downlight continued to attract attentions from home and abroad. With so many praises, what is the key to its success? And what’s the hidden secret in-house?
Actually, one of the secrets lies in our SGS certified Witnessed Testing Lab, which is equipped with senior experts and the first-class testing equipment. Our engineers conducted a series of rigorous testing works at our lab, ensuring the reliability and stability of products prior to production.
Through the video below, you will find the Sunflower stands out itself not only with its high efficiency, but also with its excellent performance, such as more durable than regular one. Our senior Technical Consultant of WELLMAX’s QC Department, Guoxing Zhou is introducing how we guarantees the excellent performance of product.
Mr. Zhou, an engineer over 70 years old, has devoted himself to the lighting industry and the research on product quality testing since 1988. Prior to joining WELLMAX, he worked at Philips for 12 years and NVC Lighting for 10 years, which has accumulated rich experience and extraordinary wisdom for him.
Through his comprehensive explanation, we believe you will love this product!
Please check the video below to get full information.
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