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“Bulbized” LED Panel Offers High Light Efficacy with Integrated Driver

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What makes the SUNFLOWER LED Panel stand out from others? Besides its top level of safety and high reliability we talked about last week, we would like to focus on its light efficacy today.
Because of the back-lit LED bulb technology, the luminous flux of Sunflower emitted from LED chip are directly transmitted onto the optical shade, allowing the product to deliver a high luminous efficacy with uniform light distribution as the LED bulbs do. Through the tests of our LED lab, each item of Sunflower from 3W-18W can reach over 80lm/W, which makes it get the better of the regular downlight.
We made a poster to demonstrate the difference between the traditional downlight and the Sunflower, from which you can get a more concrete understanding.
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Sunflower LED panel

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