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LED Bulb Expert WELLMAX Honored of “Import and Export Brand Enterprise”

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On September 11, Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce held an award ceremony for Shanghai foreign trade brand enterprises in Pudong New Area Office Center of Shanghai, China. Affiliated to people’s government of Shanghai, Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce is a government organization, committed to formulating the overall planning of international economic cooperation and trade in Shanghai.

Import and Export Brand EnterpriseShanghai Goods Import and Export Brand Enterprise List

Nearly 10,000 export enterprises participated in this evaluation, from which the organization selected 30 elite enterprises to be honored with “Pudong New Area Goods Import and Export Brand Enterprise” by virtue of their high trade volume, fast rate of trade growth and trade innovation business. Shanghai Wellmax Lighting (WELLMAX), with its rapid growth of overseas business, won the award as the only lighting company. Among the winners, there are Porsche (China), Samsung Semiconductor and other brands.

Import and Export Brand EnterpriseWELLMAX, as the only lighting company, won the honor

Since its inception, WELLMAX has been engaged in overseas market for 32 years. The company has maintained a growth rate of more than 30% for several years, far higher than the comprehensive growth level of foreign trade in Shanghai. The success of the company ascribes to its consistent emphasis on quality product development.
Adhering to the Spirit of Craftsmen to Develop Own Advantages
With the craftsmanship spirit of “specialization” and “refinement”, WELLMAX has worked intensively on the research and development of LED bulb products. The company does not aim for “large and all-inclusive” in product layout but concentrate on playing its own strength on a single category covering full specifications and series.
Focusing on the Minor Details to Improve Product Quality
WELLMAX has built a mature quality control system that fully guarantees the quality and performance of products. The company’s expert team carefully analyzes each product solution from the theoretical basis and practical verification in their first-class LED lab, aiming at providing the most suitable product that conforms to international standards to global clients.
Paying Attention to Strategic Cooperation to Develop Frontier Technology
Rooted in the field of LED lighting for decades, WELLMAX has stayed at the top within the industry, but the company still chases for higher achievements and has established a long strategic cooperation with the industrial giants and top institutes like SAMSUNG, DEKRA and SGS to jointly develop cutting-edge LED technology and new products.
Relying on the international reputation of Shanghai and the regional advantages of Pudong New Area International Trade Center, the LED Bulb Expert WELLMAX will further invest in cutting-edge LED technology and brand construction to realize the vision of “China Lighting to the World.”

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