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“Bulbized” Sunflower LED Downlight Becomes the Highlight of 2019 Canton Fair

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As China’s largest foreign trade promotion platform, the China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) has made important contributions to the world’s economic growth. Every year, the fair brings orders from all over the world to Chinese manufacturers, kicking out the peak purchase season.
The 126th Canton fair, with over 25,000 exhibitors, concluded last Saturday on October 19. As the most long-standing participant of the fair, Shanghai Wellmax Lighting (WELLMAX) made a great hit again by presenting its innovative lighting solutions.

WELLMAX’s Conspicuous Sign

At the fair, WELLMAX’s flagship product, Sunflower LED downlight (Sunflower) has gained attentions from worldwide industrial experts and clients. On the opening day, the sales of Sunflower hit over 500,000 pieces, making it the most popular product of the fair.

Visitors Streaming into WELLMAX’s Booth

As the competition in the industry of lighting fixtures becomes more and more intense, people are curious about why WELLMAX’s Sunflower can stand out from others. At WELLMAX’s booth, we had an opportunity to interview the Sales Manager of WELLMAX, Tony Song, who gave us a detailed explanation based on the viewpoints of the clients.

Clients are interested in Sunflower

Back-lit LED Technology to Achieve Higher Luminous Flux
WELLMAX has been focusing on the development of high-end LED bulb technology for decades, and is now dedicated to extending the technology on lighting fixtures. Tony said the application of back-lit LED technology can largely improve the utilization ratio of light because the light source can be directly transmitted onto the optical shade rather than other components. This enables the Sunflower to deliver a high luminous efficacy up to 80lm/W, far superior to other similar products. The advent of Sunflower marks a great significance to the history of LED downlight.
Integrated Design is Safer and More Convenient for Installation
The Sunflower adopts built-in power supply and modularized structure, which not only provides convenience with a simplified connect-and-play installation, but guarantees a top level of safety in usage. In addition, because of its perfect structure design, the product is light and compact with a thickness of less than 25mm, significantly improving the transport efficiency to save logistic cost.
High Heat Conductive Material Optimizes the Best Solution
The Sunflower uses high heat conductive materials, which allows it to outpace the regular downlight not only in cost, but also in safety performance which does not compromise its durability. Through a series of rigorous tests, such as the Creep Resistance Test and Thermal Shock Test in WELLMAX’s first-class lab, the Sunflower has been proved to be highly reliable and durable, meeting multiple national standards and customers’ requirements.

WELLMAX’s Team and Clients

The success of the Sunflower comes with no surprise. It emerged from deep global market researches and direct feedbacks from the clients, aiming to create more values in people’s daily life and work. We believe the company will forge ahead for more innovative lighting products. Let’s look forward to learning more about WELLMAX on the upcoming Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition).


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