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WELLMAX’s Sunflower Downlight, the Top Choice for Global Clients

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As the most influential lighting fair in Asia, the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair serves as a direct link for industrial exchanges and cooperation between suppliers and buyers, attracting thousands of exhibitors to participate every year.

Concluded on October 30, the 21st Hong Kong International Lighting Fair has gathered around 2700 exhibitors to showcase innovative, fashionable and practical lighting products. Shanghai Wellmax Lighting Industry (WELLMAX), as the most famous lighting brand, exhibited its unique products, like “Bulbized” Sunflower series, Basic HCL series and other LED bulbs at this event, offering a fabulous lighting experience to its global fans.

Bulbized Sunflower series

WELLMAX’s booth packed with visitors

It is said that this time the host- Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) organized a platform, named ‘Buyer Meetings’, to specially help premier buyers seeking for quality suppliers and arrange personalized one-on-one meetings. Through the platform, there are more than 30 brands from Europe, Asia and Americas sent invitations to WELLMAX before the exhibition, showing keen interests in building partnership with the company.

Bulbized Sunflower series

Clients having In-Depth Knowledge of Sunflower

A new client from Europe said, “I knew WELLMAX through the internet months ago. I came here mainly to have a look at the Sunflower and talk about the cooperation. The application of WELLMAX back-lit LED technology makes a qualitative leap for the downlight industry. The Sunflower can achieve a higher luminous efficacy with uniform light distribution, which totally meets the high-end demand of our local market. I think I have found the best alternative to the traditional downlight.”

Bulbized Sunflower series

Old Customers Communicating Happily with WELLMAX’s Team

Many old customers also speak highly of Sunflower. A loyal partner from South East Asia commented, “Because of its integrated design and modularized structure, I don’t have to worry about the safety performance of this product, this also saves the transportation cost to great extent.”

The Sunflower series leads a new trend in LED lighting by its innovative design. The success of the product stems from WELLMAX’s enterprise spirit of relentless pursuit of innovation. Since 2014, the company has continued to create proprietary product solutions, bringing big values to clients. Its Ballet series that released in 2016 has brought a distinctive image to the public. Meanwhile, the iDAPT technology created to protect people’s eyes, offering a smooth and comfortable lighting experience; and the Basic HCL series allows people to personalize the lighting aura adapting to circadian cycle. All of them have won the favor of global clients.

WELLMAX is a company that emphasizes on R&D LED technology. The company not only spends a lot of capital and resources on its R&D lab, but also joins hands with industrial top giants such as SAMSUNG, SGS, DEKRA to develop cutting-edge technologies. Its engineers are all professionals who have been deeply engaged in the industry for more than 10 years, endowing WELLMAX full capacity to adapt to the quick product iteration and meet the variety of market demands. WELLMAX believes with such super resources, the company will bring more surprise to the public in the future.

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