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Motion Sensor And Light Sensor In One Bulb. Get It Now!

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With the passion of creating more humanized lighting experience for human beings, our R&D team has been following the market trends very closely. Finally, we are able to put both motion senor and light sensor into one product without changing any of the appearance and size. Under such condition, we just developed one fabulous bulb, a truly smart and practical LED bulb that requires the least attention from end-users.
On one hand, it only turns on automatically when night comes, and off in the daytime; On the other hand, it only gives the full brightness with people moving around, otherwise, maintains a not-so-bright light level. Because of the self-adapting feature, it consumes much less electricity and brings big convenience to the applications, like housing estates, corridor, courtyard, public toilet, etc.
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Motion Sensor &Light Sensor in One Bulb

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