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Four Things a Buyer Must Notice When Selecting LED Suppliers

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With a tried and true business as well as motivated and talented staffs, one may consider its business covers all essentialities for success. However, one critical aspect might be hidden and ruin it all, which is the suppliers. Choosing the right suppliers will improve reputation of a brand while integrate the supply chain and deliver better purchasing experiences. On the contrary, it might damage the business significantly, costing more money and destroying business reputation.
Recently, a case of Ken, a buyer from Africa, who won a large-scale lighting project with great pains but failed to fulfill the contract in the end due to purchasing from an unqualified supplier, demonstrated the importance of suppliers. In the case, the supplier has promised to offer high quality products with far lower price than that of others in the initial. After checking samples, Ken placed orders but things went athwart in the subsequent cooperation. The supplier has continuously delayed the delivery due to shortage of raw materials; and the quality of the delivered goods was unstable, resulting in a great losses for Ken in the deal.
Undoubtedly, a right supplier plays a key role in a successful business. But how to identify the supplier’s qualification to avoid wrong decision? Through several deep investigations and researches, there are four points for international traders.
reliable China LED supplier
Stability is the first key indicator which refers to if suppliers continue focusing on their own areas and maintain a good reputation in the industry. Due to their brand influence and status, these companies will abide by the principle of providing buyers with the best services and high quality products. Even when something goes wrong, the qualified suppliers should have resources to devote to backup systems and sources so that the request are met.
Reliability is another rigid index for selecting a supplier. Although it is tough to quantify the quality of products, this can be detected from the supplier qualification. Generally, if a proposed lighting supplier has certified quality standards recognized by a respected third-party organization such as DEKRA or SGS, it indicates the supplier excels in product development, realization, measurement, analysis, and improvement.
Normally, the gold suppliers are equipped with sophisticated supply chain management system that can integrate the optimal resources through the upstream industry. They also have streamlined every procedure regarding manufacturing and project operation, enabling them to offer a rapid delivery and form a stable delivery cycle for buyers.
Professional suppliers always possess long-tenured and well-trained teams to offer the latest market dynamics and considerate services. With their mature market knowledge and proficient order operation skill, there will less likely to be any misunderstanding in communication for better understanding the needs of buyers.
Through fore-mentioned points, regardless the industry, buyers can make accurate judgment on selecting suppliers. For instance, if one wants to purchase LED products, the renowned LED Bulb Expert, Shanghai Wellmax Lighting (WELLMAX), should be on the first priority. The company has been engaging itself in designing and manufacturing LED products for 32 years and has exported to over 95 countries. It is a long-term strategic partner with SAMSUNG, SGS and DEKRA, offering high-end products and customized solutions. Adhering to the principle of “quality first, service upmost,” the company has been proved as the most reliable suppler by 200 top international LED brands. LED buyers who cooperate with such company will enjoy the highest values during the cross-border trading.

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