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Strategic Alliance between SAMSUNG and WELLMAX Creates Infinite Possibilities in LED Industry

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In common sense of people, “one plus one equals two” seems to be an unquestionable truth. But in the fields of philosophy as well as commerce, the conclusion could be different. One plus one can be greater than two, based on the examples we have witnessed in the past few years.
Strategic Alliance between SAMSUNG and WELLMAX
In 2005, the co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs made a historic announcement that Apple would start using Intel processors in Macs. Powered by Intel chips, Mac took a huge leap in its performance and configurability, catapulting into the global market and bringing huge profits to Apple. In more than 10-year alliance with Apple, Intel has also developed more business opportunities due to Apple’s global influence.
Strategic Alliance between SAMSUNG and WELLMAX
Similar cases also occurred in the lighting industry. In 2016, the LED Bulb Expert-Shanghai Wellmax Lighting (WELLMAX) and the world’s second largest semiconductor supplier Samsung Electronics (SAMSUNG) successfully signed a strategic partnership MOU. They both decided to join hands to develop premium LED products and seek a broader prospect on global LED market.
As the first strategic partner of SAMSUNG, WELLMAX enjoys the top priority with SAMSUNG’s LED technology and brand authorization, which not only reinforces its brand image, but also facilitates further breakthroughs in product technology. Since the cooperation, WELLMAX has maintained a growth rate of more than 30% in LED bulb export volume, continually crowned as the No.1 exporter of LED bulbs and became the top choice of overseas clients. As for SAMSUNG, it has taken LED business as the focus of its expansion. Sharing with the preponderant resources and strong sales channel of WELLMAX, the Korean company also obtained a staunch force for entering the global consumer market.
The cooperation between the two companies has brought a substantially reciprocal growth, making it a legendary story in the industry.
Strategic Alliance between SAMSUNG and WELLMAX

The Sales Director of SAMSUNG (China), Freeman Feng, together with his top team visit WELLMAX. The two sides set down the framework for further cooperation in 2020

Through above cases, we can see that joint strengths of the two brands will create more values that are beneficial not only for the companies, but also for the clients and the whole industry. These two stories are the perfect example proving how one plus one is bigger than two in the commercial field.

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