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WELLMAX’s Team Are Well Back to Work and Take Orders NOW

Время выпуска:2020/02/18 НОВОСТИ Взгляды:550

Last week, our team were officially back to work safe and sound. Thank you for all the cares and support about the epidemic in China. Things are getting better with the powerful measures of our government and people.

Backed to office, we quickly threw ourselves into work and took instant actions to get things back to normal. Our supply chain department deployed our supply resources to stabilize the productions immediately. With the sufficient raw materials and automated production lines, we have restored our capacity gradually; our R&D and QC teams are yet working on their part for solution developing and product testing, and our sales teams are in touch with our clients to optimize the current purchasing plan for them, allowing the normal operation of their business.

Everything goes in good order in WELLMAX now. With 33-year experience of production management, we have confidence to bring the best to our global partners. Contact us!

WELLMAX's Team Are Well Back to Work

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