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Price to Rise and Order to Delay? Plan Ahead with WELLMAX NOW

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Coronavirus epidemic has different impacts on the supply chain in the LED industry covering upstream chip production to packaging and end consumer product manufacture in China. According to the industry survey conducted by LEDinside, a leading platform for LED Market Research, LED companies in China only expected 50 to 70% work resume rate in February, leading to a far lower capacity than usual. And it is expected that LED chip price will increase after March 2020 with the continual lack of labor force and short supply of raw materials.
Furthermore, many factories have announced that the growth of some materials cost will reach about 20%, which undoubtedly will soon lead to an increase in LED product price. Therefore, we kindly remind you to plan ahead and order early to guard against the cost rising. This is definitely the time to lock the capacity down and protect profits. Hurry up!
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