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WELLMAX NEW Senstar LED Sensor Bulb designed for smart and simple life

Время выпуска:2020/04/15 НОВОСТИ Взгляды:689

With the improvement of residents’ living standard, the market demand for smart lighting is developing rapidly. In response to this demand, WELLMAX engineers innovated a new sensor lighting- Senstar LED bulb. With built-in light sensor, the Senstar can be switched on and off automatically according to natural ambient light, freeing yourself and creating simple life. It can be widely used in outdoor public spaces like courtyards and balconies, which are often ignored but needs to be lit at night.
Compared with the ordinary sensor light equipped with external directional sensors, the Senstar adopts our exclusive 360° light sensing solution to examine light environment, offering a more precise lighting performance and making the appearance more concise and beautiful. Because the core components of this product are all developed by our R&D team, the production cost can be well controlled, encouraging more consumers to embrace smart lighting. What’s more, this affordable smart light is also empowered with SAMSUNG LED technology to ensure high performance lighting experience. We believe you will love it!
Senstar series with multiple smart sensing solutions are waiting for you to discover.
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NEW Senstar LED Sensor Bulb

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