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Discover How WELLMAX Help Clients Achieve Profit Growth

Время выпуска:2020/04/22 НОВОСТИ Взгляды:683

What WELLMAX do is gathering wisdom to deliver more value for global clients and customers. We believe innovative technologies brought by wisdom are fundamental to providing safe, stable, efficient and affordable lighting products, determining global clients’ commercial interest. Eric Zhou, Vice President of WELLMAX supply chain and Vice Secretary of China Solid State Lighting Alliance (CSA), leads WELLMAX to realize technological breakthroughs and high production efficiency with extensive industrial and academic experience. Through innovative ideas and mature supply chain management, our clients have gained sales growth and market share.
To show the power behind WELLMAX, he revealed the core value that drove WELLMAX forward and discussed how the supply chain system guarantee product quality effectively in the video interview. Moreover, he shared trends in the lighting industry and WELLMAX future development direction in response to market demand. This is a valuable opportunity for global clients to have an in-depth understanding of WELLMAX.
Please check the video below to learn more information.
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