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Meet WELLMAX Rising Star of 2019!

Время выпуска:2020/04/29 НОВОСТИ Взгляды:839

We are so proud to introduce our most popular LED luminaire, Bulbized Sunflower downlight. As the first backlit downlight incorporated LED bulb technology, it exceeds our expectations with the outstanding sales performance, and defeats competitors with the unique design and front-end technology. It successfully served as a bridge to extend WELLMAX into a wider area of lighting, which enables our clients to occupy market share with the diversified portfolio.
The safer user experience and superior lighting performance allowed consumers to recognize Sunflower. Integrated design with built-in driver avoids the complex installation process and eliminates safety concerns. Ultra-high luminous efficacy brought by exclusive backlit technology as well as Samsung high-end LED chips not only meets the space illumination demand but also saves the energy consumption. Furthermore, the adoption of high heat conductive materials enhances its durability and stability, standing the test of time.
Backed by WELLMAX innovative technology and extensive R&D experience, we believe it will be the next icon to help clients realize business ambitions in 2020.
Please contact us quickly via info@wellmaxgroup.com
WELLMAX Rising Star of 2019

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