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The Annual Sales of Sunflower Downlight Reached 6 Million PCS

Время выпуска:2021/01/14 НОВОСТИ Взгляды:456

Beyond our expectation, Sunflower downlight delivered incredible results in 2020 despite the influence of the epidemic. More than 6 million pcs have been sold worldwide, 5 times of last year’s.
What drives its explosive growth? According to our in-depth market analysis, we found that consumers who have a high demand for brightness generally choose downlights with higher color temperature; however, a higher color temperature means an increase in blue light and Int Journal of Ophthalmology have shown that prolonged exposure to blue light hurts our retinas, especially children’s.
With the rising awareness of consumer on eye health, more and more consumers realized the dangers of high color temperatures and found that Sunflower downlight is a healthier alternative. Compared to the slim downlight, Sunflower with exclusive ‘Bulbized’ technology and Samsung LED can achieve higher luminous efficacy at a relatively low color temperature, brighter but more eye-friendly. With this overwhelming advantage, it quickly gained the favor of consumers and occupied the market. Now, it’s a major trend in the downlight market.
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