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Make A Difference with ‘New’ WELLMAX in 2021

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Happy New Year!
In 2020, our business model has changed in unimaginable ways. Amid this disruption, we had no opportunity to talk to you face to face as we usually do. However, it was a once-in-a-generation opportunity for us to examine ourselves and improve the company’s operational capabilities. So, we invested more in process optimization and employee training to create change for 2021.
First, considering that most global clients are suffering from the potential loss and business risks because of the long term delivery, WELLMAX‘s company manages to establish a ‘Stock Plan’ in 2021 based on our one-year preparation and process optimization. This plan aims to accelerate the delivery time and help your products get to market faster.
Second, our employees received a series of comprehensive training on communication skills, industry and product knowledge during 2020. We believe this well-trained team will deliver more efficient services, more disruptive innovation and new value for you in 2021.
Let us be connected further and develop a better future together!
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